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Welcome to the all new Military Girlfriends, STILL the homebase for those involved in relationships with men in the military. There are hundreds of sites on the net designed for military spouses and they are wonderful pages visited by caring, helpful women but they often can't offer the type of support that non-dependents need. It's time for us to band together!

We often put up with long separations like military wives but we don't have the on base resources available to many of them. We lack the ability to group together because we are arcoss the country and across the globe. We don't have family support groups but we DO have each other.

This site was created to offer support to those who DON'T have ID cards, to those who only see their soldiers a few times each year. Have your questions answered here. Find other women who understand the things that you deal with daily. Talk to people who will support you in your relationship. Meet friends who can offer feedback and support during hard times.

So, take off your coat and stay awhile. Ask questions, answer questions, chat, connect, and help. Tell your friends that there is finally a place, just for you, where your questions can get answered and your concerns can be addressed. Welcome home!

Come and chat with other military girlfriends. Official chats are held on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST and Sundays at 2 p.m. EST A vast stockpile of information on all branches of service. If it's not here, we'll do our best to find it for you!
A list of email groups hosted by several online communities. Find specific groups of girlfriends here! Suggestions on carepackages for anytime of the year! Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome so be sure to submit your favorites.
Ask for advice, share stories, help new girlfriends and make friends on this message board hosted by SitePowerup. Become a Military Girlfriends point of contact. Contact and be contacted by other girlfriends, from your branch or installation!
A history of how this page got started, what is going on now and some things that are in store for the future. Original poetry submitted by and for military girlfriends, all it's missing is your own work of art!
A list of helpful links compiled by site visitors. Add your own links here! Stories of separations submitted by other girlfriendsand well as hints and tips on getting through YOUR time aparts.
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